How is Hail Damage repaired?

Years ago, hail damage was repaired by replacing panels on your car, cutting the roof off and re-welding, or using filler to finish off the minor imperfections. Stepping into the 21st Century, hail damage is now repaired using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). PDR is the modern day process used for the repair of light to medium hail damaged cars.

What is PDR?

PDR is the process of massaging small to medium dents out of the bodywork of your car – that have been caused by hail. This procedure is the preferred method of hail damage repair for insurance companies and industry experts.

Why is PDR preferred?

As the name implies, Paintless Dent Repair is exactly that, the repair of your dents caused by hail, without the need to repaint your car. When PDR is possible, it allows the best coat of paint to remain on your car… your factory coat of paint. PDR is also less invasive, often referred to as keyhole surgery, versus conventional panel beating as open heart surgery.

How are the dents repaired?

Well we can tell you it most certainly isn’t suction! Each dent is worked on in isolation using a combination of fine tool metal manipulation behind the panel and above panel glue pulling systems. It is a finesse based skill that is honed over many years of practice working with metal.

What Guarantee do I receive after the repair?

Nationwide Hail Repairs offers a lifetime guarantee to your insurer for the hail damage repair of your car.

How long will my repair take?

Not all hail damage is created equal. There are time where hail damage can cause the most minor of dents that are barely visible. Conversely, hail can be so extreme that the dents can be seen no matter the lighting or angles.

Tier One – A vehicle with full Paintless Dent Repair, without the need for any paint or extras – one week. *There are many times that we beat this time estimate due to the car either being lightly damaged, or if we are able to have multiple PDR technicians working on your car.

Tier Two – A vehicle that has majority PDR and a small amount of conventional paint work needed, like a replacement bonnet for example – two weeks.

Tier Three – The highest tier of repair, your car has a portion of PDR and a large portion of paint work needed – four weeks.